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Fair Franchise
(All payments are included)

Number of players
Attendance rate
Initial investment (including a lump sum payment)
81 556 €
Revenue per year:
96 768 €
Payback period:
2,83 year
Arena square
200 m2
Net profit per year (include royalty):
33 868,8 €

Why is it profitable

  • High marginality
  • Low share of operating costs
  • Trend direction
  • A new fast-growing market
  • Incredibly low payback times

In our projects, we use

The most modern fundamentally new technologies

Best Gaming equipment

Original content developed by our own employees

Advantages of the proposed tracking system

Customizable area
Thanks to the puzzle-like construction of the foam floor, you can not only scale the tracking area up to 100×100m, but also create it in any custom shape you desire.
Unlimited multiuser
The system has no restrictions on the number of tracked targets because each tracker is guided by the markers independently of other trackers.
The tracking area scales with cheap IR markers instead of expensive outside-in cameras.
No calibration needed
The system does not require any calibration or qualified personnel to support it.

Video about us

What you get when you buy a franchise

Recommendations for choosing a location for the arena
A ready-made plan for the opening of the arena, with recommendations for business partners and equipment manufacturers
Integration of your arena's game sales module on our website
Support of our marketers and recommendations for the promotion of the arena at the opening stage
Access to new game additions and new games
A completely new unique tracking technology for 2021
Author's design project of your arena
Support 24 to 7 on all technical and operational issues related to the operation of the arena

This is what your arena might look like

Our Games

The games already have a flexible architecture of settings for all game parameters and characteristics of units (number of life, damage from cogs, etc.), as well as the development of the game by adding new heroes, monsters, location and new skill units.
Defense of the Lunar Base
Players will have to defend the fort on the planet from an alien attack. The fort is located in the moon valley on a hill and is a platform surrounded by a wall. To strengthen the defensive power of the fort, the space marines built the last line of defense - the bunker.
Battle in the Ruined City
Players will have a team battle in the 10x10 format in the location of a post-apocalyptic city. Here there are burrows of aliens, who from time to time release these vile creatures on the streets of the city, preventing the teams from fighting among themselves.

What our guests say

Franchise in numbers

  • We do not have a lump sum payment
  • At the same time, we have the costs of adapting the project to your arena and implementing it, so we will ask you to compensate us for them.:
    • — Our cost of implementing a one player is 6,000 euros
    • — For the first three months after the launch of the arena, we do not charge royalties
    • — Our royalty is one of the lowest on the market and is 15%

Our goal — is to make your business profitable

A virtual reality franchise is the best option for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.
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